mmogamevip | 16.10.1 Build Is Live

We are happy to announce the release of the 16.10.1 patch. This patch brings many adjustments to progression and skills. As a result, there is a wipe built into the patch so all your progress will be wiped out in both single player and online. We will also be renaming and removing a few online servers. All previous servers will be removed so please be sure to check the list of servers carefully for the same ruleset server you were playing on before. 

Due to the larger difference between a low and high level character compared to before all our PvP servers will now be starting players out at level 51. All PvE servers will start out at 1 as before. Custom player servers can decide if they want to start players out at a higher level if they wish.

Below is a bullet point list of all the major changes in this patch.

  • The level cap will be raised to level 75, and as a result the time required to max level will also be increased. We felt players were maxing level too quickly and then running out of things to do.
  • The cap for each skill will be raised from 10 to 15. This allows for a greater range of passive bonuses, and has allowed us to rearrange the skill trees to offer a better level of progression.
  • We will remove the old style giant bases, instead utilizing a new modular platform-support-ramp system, which is being previewed in the current patch. 
  • There are new sub-species for many of the game’s species, similar to what we saw with Setlang previously. This allows us to use different loot tables and to provide a sense of progression that is easier to recognize and to balance, allowing for loot improvements on the higher end variations.
  • Armor and weapons will scale to a greater degree in effectiveness, along with more and variations of each. Both systems have undergone a balance pass, AoEs are more effective, there is a noticeable difference in melee attack speeds, projectile weapons can now have procs, clip sizes have been adjusted, and more.
  • NPC progression are also being adjusted to fit with the new armor and weapon scaling. NPCs should be more difficult at higher levels than before, requiring proper equipment to take on. The types of npcs and their placement will also be shifted in the world to meet these adjustments and the new level cap. Additionally there are AI and loot improvements.
  • Bags and Backpacks now require more inventory space. Beginner bags now hold a few extra slots as a result.
  • We have renamed the tiers of various crafting stations. The new naming convention looks like Crafting Station->Improved Crafting Station->Advanced Crafting Station. This was to avoid confusion on required stations. Storage numbers have also been adjusted.
  • Hieroglyphs are now dropped from harder creatures. These will increase your skill points allowing you to possibly reach 15 points in each skill without tweaking the skill gain values.
  • Genetic Pets now have a new level progression system. It is based on the skill in Subsistance and the player's level. Lower tier pets still have a level cap, but they will be more effective in general than before.
  • There is now a penalty on death of 20% damage to worn equipment. This can be modified using the ruleset options.

In addition we have made a lot of other smaller changes. Please check out the whole list of changes for the patch below.


  • We have renamed the kill 500 Helltyr achievement to Helltyr Skeltyr.
  • The kill 25 drosera achievement has been renamed to Weed Whacker.
  • Added four new achievements centered around Crafting and Repair.
  • Adjusted the text on some of the achievements to make them more consistent with one another.
  • Changed level 25 to level 30 achievement.
  • Added a new achievement which is obtained when you reach level 75.


  • NPCs will cluster around you much better than before instead of stacking behind each other.
  • NPCs will now rotate toward you if they are not facing you in combat.
  • Rhinocs now have a much better hit detection sphere than before and should engage in combat much better.



  • 1st person rifle reload animation was much longer than its 3rd person counterpart. The 1st person animation was adjusted so it matches the 3rd person in speed.
  • Melee weapon animations have been adjusted. Knives now swing significantly faster, where weapons like spears swing more slowly.



  • Reload sound for rifles was adjusted to match the reload speed.



  • Introduced new weapon particle effects.
  • Created new item icons to support many of the new additions.
  • Improved Vulture spit effects.



  • The all-in-one platform/supports/ramp bases (e.g. "Wood Base", "Stone Base") have been removed from the game. They have been replaced by smaller modular platforms, ramps, and supports.
  • Improved ground contact checks for placement of the Tech Shed.
  • Added new stone and iron platform modules, similar to the new wood platform modules.
  • Improved collision checks when moving a platform that has other items on top, e.g. walls. The above items should only be considered colliding if the intersection is above the area of those items that is allowed underground.
  • Added center crossbeams near the top of the medium platform support structures, to make it easier to place a platform module on top.
  • The amount of resources returned when demolishing a housing item is now determined by your construction skill. The odds of recovery for each resource varies from 25% at skill 1 to 95% at skill 15.
  • Reduced the storage size of Tier 2 and Tier 3 crafting stations slightly.
  • When playing offline, pod spawn points are no longer considered to be restricted building areas. The restriction still exists for online servers.
  • Renamed the Storage Containers. They now follow this pattern: Crafting Station, Improved Crafting Station, Advanced Crafting Station. This is to remove some confusion about the "Basic" ones.


Items and Fittings

  • Weapons with AOE Damage (shotguns, shockguns, flamethrowers, phosphori rifle) now do more AOE damage than before. Their base damage was reduced as a result.
  • Armor is now damaged easier during combat. It was also adjusted to damage chest, head, and legs a bit more often as they have a higher armor rating/coverage area.
  • Stone tools will no longer yield any Iron. Need to be using Calibrite or better Picks to get it.
  • There is now a penalty on worn equipment on death of 20% durability loss. If items are dropped on death the penalty will be applied as well. It can be changed in the configuration options using Equipment Damage on Death. Setting it to 0 would cause no damage, setting to 100 or higher would cause all equipment to break on death.
  • Added hides for creatures that were missing them to support the new armor types.
  • The Helltyr Warlord now drops a high end hammer which drips blood when equipped.
  • Projectile weapons now support procs.
  • Adjusted the existing armor (Cloth, Setlang, Lurker, Nanofiber, Rhinoc, Rocharus, Firestrand, Mubark, Studded Mubark) with new armor values. Armor at the higher tiers now reduces a lot more damage. Some armor had some modifier tweaks as well done for Electicity and Heat. Critical Results for these recipes were all tweaked.
  • Added new Cryo Grenade Launchers. These higher end grenade launchers do increased damage, and freeze opponents temporarily.
  • Introduced a new type of artifact which is similar to the Alien Artifacts but grants a higher amount of experience. It is very rare and only on higher level NPCs.
  • Added new Energy Supplements which restore a small amount of hunger, but more importantly grants both a Health and Energy restoration over time.
  • Introduced new Advanced Medical Scanners which heal a higher percentage than standard scanners.
  • Added four new types of artifacts which when studied will provide the player with a boost to their skill points. This is separate from the points that you gain when leveling, but they will be lost if you respec. These artifacts are somewhat common drops off the higher difficulty variants.
  • Phosphori now drop warm meat which can be eaten without being cooked. This is in addition to their other loots and will always drop. It is a potent meal, both in regenerative properties and in filling your stomach.
  • Added new Vulture, Helltyr, Jabberbull, Kaavo, Tralus, and Phosphori Armor Sets.
  • Bags and Packpacks now take 2×2 slots. Initial bags were increased in size slightly due to taking up more inventory space. The backpacks were adjusted a bit as well (they hold slightly less than before).
  • Increased the efficiency of Health Stim regeneration.
  • Leather Backpack is now called Kaavo Backpack and Lurker Backpack is now called Tralus Backpack.
  • Increased the recharge time of medical items from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Increased the amount of heals per cartridge in Medical Scanners, while closing the gap between them and critical variations.
  • Adjusted crafted melee weapon damage to match new speeds and adjusted base damage to match the new armor progression.
  • Adjusted ammo clip size on some ranged weapons. Pistols got an extra bullet, Rifles, Shockgun, and Flamethrowers were reduced in size.
  • Added new Refined Calibrite and Steel Knives, Axes, and Swords. They are improved versions that do more damage.
  • Pistols now fire at a rate of 2 shots per second versus 3.
  • Added Refined Calibrite and Refined Steel resources. They are used for the new Refined weapons. The Heated and Charged weapons also now require it.
  • Added new Refined ranged weapons. This is for both the regular weapons (Ex: Refined Pistol) and for Beam weapons (Ex: Beam Pistol).
  • Added a new high end Phosphori Rifle.
  • Reduced Ammunition output from 150 to 100 in the recipe. Crit is now 200 as well. Beam ammo now is the same value (down from 200) and Flamethrower ammo as well (down to 100).



  • Added a new configuration option: NPC Max Spawn Rate. This will increase or decrease the min/max spawn rates on a spawner. It is clamped to .02 (should only spawn 1 npc) and up to 3 (3x the normal amount of npcs). This can be useful if you want to increase the npc difficulty, but have less of them to contend with.
  • Phosphori now has a camera shake when the ground attack hits. Like other camera shakes if set to 0 it will not play.
  • Player data, structures, units, and some other backend data will be wiped as of the 16.10.1 patch.
  • Increased the amount of exp required to get the passive EXP bonus as you level. There is a passive exp bonus if you remain active earning exp and do not die.
  • Doubled the max wait time for stamina to start regenerating, but increased the restore rate by 2.5 times what it was before (to roughly 10 a second).


  • Added a Trailus Lurker sub-species.
  • NPCs in x2y1 (east of start area) are now 10-35. Placement of npcs were adjusted.
  • Introduced a new Tralus Rocharus sub-species.
  • Added the "Rocharus Creeper". It is the more difficult version of the Rocharus.
  • Added a new Tralus Helltyr sub-species.
  • Added the "Jabberbull Bully". A more difficult version of the Jabberbull.
  • Drosera Petals are now dropped 3 at a time instead of 1 at a time.
  • Improved the Jabberbull's Collision. They should no longer stand on top of you when attacking.
  • NPCs in x2y0 (northeast most zone) are now 20-40. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs in x0y2 (southwest most zone) are now 25-45. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs in x1y2 (south zone) and x2y2 (southeast zone) are now 35-50. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs in x0y0 (northwest zone) and x1y0 (north zone) are now level 55-80. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs have their armor, damage, HP values adjusted based around the new armor values/damage available for players. Higher level npcs should be much harder to take on without appropriate weapons.
  • Added extra difficulty spawners to all zones. These spawn the harder mini-boss type enemies more often than normal spawners. There are only 2-3 in each zone.
  • Adjusted Setlang Alpha to give out slightly more experience.
  • Added a tougher version of a Vulture called a "Vulture Predator". They are similar in difficulty to the Setlang alphas.
  • Rocharus now have a spitting special ability.
  • Calprates Charger now has a new tint making it easier to tell apart from regular Calprates. They also got a bump in experience like the Setlang Alphas.
  • Added a new tougher Rhinoc called a Rhinoc Bull. They now have the artifacts that were originally on the normal Rhinoc.
  • Added respec kits to some of the tougher npcs that were missing them (including Setlang Alphas). They should be on all harder npcs now.
  • Large Rhinoc renamed to Kaavo Rhinoc and use a new texture variation.
  • Adjusted the npcs in x1y1 (center/starting) part of the map. Region is mostly 1-20 now with tighter enforcement of levels and creatures. There are more lower level creatures than before as a result.
  • Introduced Kaavo Vulture sub-species.
  • NPCs in x0y1 (west of starting area) are now 5-30. NPC placements were adjusted and a few extra spots were added as well.



  • Improved performance when placing snappable housing items, with snap option is on.



  • Ferocious Rocharus Hybrid was added as the new high end pet. It requires the drosera petal. The Ferocious Rhinoc is lower tier now and only requires Parasites.
  • Genetic Engineered pets now have a new level system. It is based on your skill in Subsistence, your level, and the level/skill range on the pet. The pet can not be higher level than you and lower skill level pets have a level maximum that they cannot go over. The pets were distributed and adjusted through low and high point requirements in Subsistence so you can start using pets early on.
  • Pets are now using the same rotate code as normal NPCs. They should move/rotate a bit cleaner as a result.



  • The large boulders common early in the game now have a very small chance to yield Gold if using a Pick. You will get a larger supply in the usual spots, but since it is needed in some early recipes wanted to make some smaller amounts easier to get without venturing into higher level zones.


Skills and Abilities

  • Increased the level cap from level 50 to level 75.
  • Increased the skill cap from a maximum of 10 skill levels to a maximum of 15.
  • Made adjustments to the experience curve. This primarily affects higher levels.
  • All characters will be wiped as a result of this patch. This is our first wipe during Early Access, and we felt now was a good time to do it due to the level and skill changes, and the many changes in recent patches such as the more modularized construction system, and combat difficulty changes. We never take wipes lightly, but this is a good opportunity for players to get a fresh start with a level playing field.


Trade Skills

  • Genetic Pets now have a critical chance to produce 2 whistles instead of 1.
  • Crafting Stations now in the 10+ level now require Refined Steel instead of Iron+Calibrite.
  • You can now create Baked Vulture Legs with a Subsistence skill of 10. These last longer than Tangy Rhinoc Steaks, but are a bit less filling.
  • Setlang Jerky recipe is now obtained before the Jabberbull Jerky recipe.
  • You can now create Cryo Grenade Launchers with a 14+ Ranged skill.
  • Players with a Subsistence skill of 13 or higher can now create Energy Supplements.
  • You can now create Drosera Salad with a Subsistence skill of 15. This new food item is the most powerful currently in game, though it requires a Drosera Petal as one of its ingredients. It has a high regeneration value.
  • You can now cook Setlang Meat even with an untrained Subsistence skill.
  • Health Stims are now created in sets of 3.
  • Replaced the cloth pouch/backpacks. They are all now leather using and match up close to the armor made in textiles around their level.
  • As part of the skill cap increase we have adjusted the skill requirements on many recipes. During this process we have also made some adjustments so players will receive certain components earlier than was previously the case in relation to other recipes to improve the skill progression. The curve here should be similar to before in early levels, but at higher levels things are spaced a bit more than was previously the case.
  • The Textiles line now supports a wide variety of new recipes. This includes all-new Helltyr-hide, Jabberbull-hide, Kaavo-hide, Tralus-hide, and Phosphori Infused armor sets.
  • Skills now have a level restriction. You are restricted to 4 points per skill until level 10, then 7 until 30, 10 until 50, and 13 until 65.
  • You can now create Advanced Medical Scanners (as well as a new critical variation) with an Electronics skill of 15.
  • You can now create Phosphori Rifles with a Ranged weapon skill of 15.
  • Recipes will now give out experience based on their skill level and modifier. Higher level recipes should give more experience as a result. Batching does get a modifier for the batch size, but it is scaled down as you increase the batch size.
  • Added 9 new Refined weapon recipes to the Ranged skill. These are new tiers of weapons.
  • Reduced the craft queue count and significantly reduced the speed bonus on Improved and Advanced Crafting Structures.
  • Added two new recipes to the Refining skill which are used in the creation of Refined weapons and armor.
  • Added increased crafting times for armor and melee weapons.
  • There are now 3 genetic engineering stations like other "crafting" stations.
  • Backpacks now require a crafting station to make.
  • Introduced 6 new Refined weapon recipes to the Melee skill.
  • Removed Iron from any early level recipe. Was only a few spots, it was swapped out for Calibrite.

User Interface

  • Ranged weapons with AOE damage (shotguns, shockguns, flamethrowers, phosphori rifle) now show their AOE damage.
  • Added numerous new hide icons, both for existing and for new hides.
  • Reset the recent server list as there are going to be some changes with the patch.
  • Added some missing information about Campfire usage on recipes.
  • If you are at max level it will now display N/A as the experience required on the Character Sheet, so as not to confuse players.
  • There is now a message if you lack the skill points when trying to increase the skill.


Bug Fixes

  • Removed the 3D HUD Option as players were often checking it not realizing what it was and then running into issues.
  • Fixed a localized typo in the Sturdy Vulture Tunic name and description.
  • Fixed an issue which was giving credit for PvP kills in situations where it should not have.
  • Added the proper meshes to Sturdy Cloth Boots (they were erroneously unset).
  • Fixed a number of gravity related issues in housing.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing weapons to proc on players who had PvP immunity up.
  • Updated Sturdy Rocharus Armor to use the right mesh.
  • Level achievements should properly work now. There was some instances where they would not trigger.
  • Kaavo Hounds had the wrong names assigned to them. Flipped them.
  • Now when playing in single player mode, if you quit while on top of a housing structure, when you restart the game you will still be on top of the structure, instead of below on the ground (and possibly stuck).
  • Fixed the misspelling in Hieroglyph.
  • It will no longer consume Ancient or Alien Artifacts if you attempt to use them when already at max level. It will instead warn you that you must be below max level to use these experience raising items.
  • Fixed the issue with extracting resources online. If you are getting the hand/outline you should now properly extract the resource
  • Fixed the StartingLevel not working.
  • Mousing over the Textiles or Construction skill icons on the Character Sheet will now indicate that you are at max level if you have already maxed out. It was previously displaying a blank tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue with housing items where it was possible to have 2 or more platform modules overlapping and floating in space.
  • Rest Stations will no longer appear as Reclining Beds in tooltips or target displays.

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