mmogamevip | 16.7.3 Build is Now Live

The 16.7.3 patch introduces batch crafting to the crafting stations available in Fragmented. Before you had to stand near a station to be able to use certain recipes. This functionality still exists (and please note is required still for campfires, they do not use this new functionality), but all other stations now have their own UI for crafting. 

When interacting with the stations you can put anywhere from 2-6 recipes into the station and return to the station (or wait if you want) to get the results. Mortar and Pestles, Industrial Stations, Crafting Stations, Forges, and Stoves now have 3 stations qualities (Basic, "Regular", and Advanced). The "Regular" stations are the original ones (such as Crafting Station) and most have been moved up a few points in requirements (see the notes below for a full breakdown). The Basic stations (besides the Basic Mortar and Pestle as it kept its previous requirement) have no requirements, but the regular and advanced one will require at least a Basic Industrial Station to craft. The Genetic Station and Compost Bin stayed as a "regular" station for the time being as they are higher end stations. 

As mentioned there are 3 qualities of stations. Each increase in quality increases the queue slots in the station (2 to 4 to 6). Increases the crafting time (1 to 2 to 3) and also increases the number of storage slots (8, to 14, to 20). 

We have a few smaller changes included in the notes below. We are working on some larger scale projects for the next patch or two and some work went into that during this patch cycle as well. We should have more information available on that soon once we figure out the timeline when they will introduced. 


  • Modified the housing placement collision message to include the name of the object causing the collision.

Items and Fittings 

  • Speed enhancements will now cancel any previously active movement speed penalties and have had the self damaging component on them removed. 
  • Improved the description for Lesapen Seeds, so it is easier to identify how to keep their carbon/nitrogen/water levels. 
  • Picks now take up 1×2 slots, rather than 2×2, making them the same size as axes.


  • Vultures are somewhat more common than was previously the case. They are still less common than setlang, however. 
  • Calprates Chargers can now be found in more areas. 
  • Decreased the spawn rate of some of the more common rare NPCs.

Trade Skills 

  • Crafting stations have been improved to support batch crafting. They now have their own storage that can be used to store crafting materials and the results of the crafting from the stations. You choose a recipe much like you would from the crafting window and then you choose the quantity. Once submitted you can walk away from the crafting station and return to it later to pickup your results. Stations also have a speed and queue length variable as higher end stations will craft larger batches quicker and support adding more batches to the queue. 
  • Players with 8+ Subsistence skill can now create Fruit Punch. This is the most effective drink in the game currently, but it does expire somewhat more quickly than other drinks. 
  • Reduced the Refining skill required to create Rubber from 7 to 5. This is intended to make it easier for solo players to create reclining beds at an earlier stage in their character's development. 
  • Gypsum is now required as a component in the Water Tower and Silo recipes. 
  • Added new Basic and Advanced Crafting Stations. They require 4 and 10 points in Electronics respectively. The basic is your entry level batch unit. The advanced unit is faster and has more queue slots and storage slots. 
  • Crafting Stations can now be used to batch any recipe that doesn't require a specific crafting station. 
  • We are now able to do more fine tuning on the amount of experience rewarded from crafting recipes. Previously it was automatically adjusting based on recipe level, but now it can be customized per recipe. This allows us to give higher weighting to recipes with uncommon or rare components. In general crafting experience gain rate was increased by a small amount. 
  • Usage Note: Campfires are not crafting stations. They work like before (have to be near to use them). 
  • Added Basic and Advanced Industrial Stations at 4 and 10 points in Electronics. The "Standard" Industrial Station is now at 7. 
  • Added Basic and Advanced Forges at 4 and 10 points in Construction. The standard Forge is now at 7. 
  • Added Basic and Advanced Stoves at 3 and 9 points in Construction. The standard Stove is now at 6. 
  • Added Basic and Advanced Mortar and Pestle at 2 and 9 points in Subsistence. The standard Mortar and Pestle is now at 6. 
  • Genetically Engineered Lurkers can now be crafted with a 9 Subsistence skill, rather than 10.

User Interface 

  • Inventory Window and Crafting window received a slight visual change to break up the window up visually. 
  • Loot and harvest messages will no longer appear in or pop up the chat window. They will instead be displayed in the larger text based event messages only.

Bug Fixes 

  • The housing placement collision status should now properly update, as players or mobs move in or out of the proposed location for the item. 
  • The Gypsum description should now be more accurate. 
  • Reunited a small fire on the ground with the escape pod that caused it. 
  • Since hunger and thirst aren't actually "restored" (e.g. increased) when eating/drinking, the health, hunger, and thirst messages were changed to the following: "Hunger (or Thirst) Reduced". "Health and Hunger (or Thirst) Improved". "Health Improved" 
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent achievements from being earned.

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