mmogamevip | 16.9.2 Build is Now Live

The 16.9.2 Patch introduced a few more gamepad adjustments, usability/polish features, new achievements, and introduced some more new housing features. The patch introduced a new module wood platform for finer control over platform placement and layout. It currently is using placeholder art, but was added for some feedback and improvement if needed. Some performance upgrades were made as well during placement to lessen framerate loss. 

Melee animations should be a bit better with the "pain/impact" animations from being hit now blended properly. We improved and adjusted the blood effects for both getting hit as well as hitting targets. We added some camera shakes as well for added impact and cues. Those who do not like camera shakes or have other reasons to disable them can in the settings in the Game tab. 

In addition, we added a few basic achievements to this patch. They are mostly kill achievements for killing different creatures in the game. There are 4 PvP achievements as well along with some simple reach level X achievements. 

Finally, we made some adjustments to some of the plants that were reported as having issues targeting for extraction in the 16.9.1 Patch. Most of the non collision plants (ones you can run through) should be fixed up, if you find more please report them (using /location helps to find them quickly). 


  • Added achievements for Calprates, Drosera, Helltyr, Jabberbul, Rhinoc, Rocharus, Mubark, and Phosphori kills. 
  • Added a black and white version of the generic logo used as a fallback on achievements so it will remain grayed out until you obtain the achievements. Also made those achievements no longer hidden, they will simply be grayed out. 
  • Improved the achievement descriptions of the three achievements earned through engagements. 
  • You will now earn achievements when you acquire level 10, level 25, and level 50. 
  • Added four new PvP oriented achievements. 
  • Added Achievement tracking and awards for numerous species.


  • Added camera shake effects for melee impacts as well. There is a slight effect for harvesting when punching (trees) and using larger tools (rocks, trees, etc). 
  • The melee impact animation is now blended and will play with the melee attack animation so it isn't constantly cutting one or the other out. 
  • Your hands will now track vertically with a melee weapon or unarmed like it does with a ranged weapon. 
  • Ranged weapons now have a slightly camera shake effect when firing. They are tied into the Camera shake slider in settings if you wish to disable them or make them less pronounced.


  • Improved intro music. 
  • Added new ranged weapon sounds. 
  • Added new bullet hit sound effects. 
  • Corrected an issue with stereo spread effects when playing the local version of sounds.


  • Added damage effects when players are damaged by other players or NPCs.


  • Improved bleeding effects.


  • When adjusting or placing a housing item, if Snap is on, movement via the mousewheel can now still occur when the amount of movement exceeds the snap threshold. 
  • Increased frame rate used when placing or moving housing items, for a smoother look. 
  • Modified existing wood, stone, and iron bases (the original all-in-one platforms) so that ground contact checks during placement is now done at the location of each leg, instead of using a generic 4 corners + center check. 
  • Reclining Beds have been renamed to Rest Stations. 
  • Improved logic for determining if a housing structure needs to fall to the ground after its support has been moved or destroyed. Other structures touching to the side will no longer prevent others from falling. 
  • Housing item placement now has a height restriction, equivalent to about 3 of the new modular platform supports. (30m). 
  • Added new craftable wood platform modules that will eventually replace the current wood bases. These modules can be crafted using the Construction skill (levels 1-3). The new structures are : Small/Medium/Large Wood Platform, Small/Medium/Large Wood Ramp, Medium/Large Wood Supports. NOTE: The final art for these structures will be added in the next release. The current look is just a placeholder.

Items and Fittings 

  • The Rest Station (formerly Reclining Bed) description has been improved to denote that it can be used as a respawn point.


  • Added a camera shake when you get hit by a npc.


  • Minor optimizations to NPC rendering code.

Player vs. Player 

  • PvP kills are now tracked and used to earn new PvP achievements.

User Interface 

  • Crosshairs will now change when you can harvest a resource. 
  • The get/use hand crosshair now has a gamepad alternative. 
  • Fixed a slight clipping on dropdown boxes of their bottom border if they had values. 
  • Gamepad button information will now be displayed on tip windows if you are actively using a gamepad. 
  • Input boxes now support using a gamepad for Yes/No selection. 
  • Equipment window now has more gamepad support including interacting with bags allowing moving of items back/forth (you can do this with shift+double click with a mouse to easily transfer) and can move the objects inside of the inventory as well. 
  • Storage containers now work with the gamepad and the inventory window. They work similar to backpack/bags with transfering back/forth and switching between. 
  • Added a Slider for Adjusting Camera Shakes to the Game Tab in Settings. You can reduce the shake effect or turn it down to 0% to completely disable it for those who do not like them or have issues with them. 
  • Crafting Stations now have gamepad support including quantity, pause, stop, and inventory control. 
  • You can now hold the LB button on your gamepad to pop up a selection wheel that you can use to navigate through GUIs.

Vehicles and Mounts 

  • Adjusted the physics of Armored Vehicle tires to tweak their mass, width, and improve traction. 
  • Adjusted the camera when driving an Armored Vehicle to correct issues of the camera clipping inside of tank geometry in first person.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed collision response for the Lesapen plant so it was easier to target. 
  • Added some checks to housing placement to prevent placing structures underground where they can not be retrieved later. 
  • Fixed an issue during housing placement, where harvested resources could cause the ground contact verification to fail when it shouldn't. 
  • Corrected audio ducking issues. 
  • Fixed a stat related issue on some Supply Crate items. 
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent you from respawning at certain bed locations due to proximity. 
  • Fixed an occlusion related bug on NPCs. 
  • Fixed an issue with crafting stations and an issue with items requiring more than 1 slot (such as 3x calibrite knife). The 2nd slot and onward would not be setup properly and would cause issues. This most likely fixed a few other issues as well with overflowing items missing some values. 
  • Single slot items (such as knives) now will properly return the maximum quantity able to be produced based in the inventory size of the crafting station. Over 10 there was a bug and would report 30 when it couldn't clearly do that. 
  • Adjusted the collision on the "purple fern" to make it a bit easier to target. 
  • Fixed the decay timer not starting initially on a new item. 
  • Made some adjustments to the map so the map marker mouse overs would work properly. 
  • Cosmetic fix to initial status message in housing placement dialog. 
  • Fixed some floating Firestrand Plants near the Setlang Infestation engagement.

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