A large quantity of Mu legend Zen And Magic Gems is usually found at Magic Gem Mines

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1) You’ll be able to set the difficulty degree of the dungeon just before entering.
2) Monsters’ HP plus the level of  Mu legend Zen/Gems that you can obtain will adjust based around the difficulty level.
3) This shows the number of occasions you are able to enter the Warped Magic Gem Mine along with the minimum level expected for entry.
Minimum Level for the Warped Magic Gem Mine: Lv. 35
– Entry Count for the Warped Magic Gem Mine: After every day (your entry count is reset everyday at five a.m.)

You’ll see green, glittering crystals in specific areas in the map after you enter the mine.
These crystals may be destroyed, and they’ll drop Mu legend Magic Gems any time you do so.

Whenever you enter the Warped Magic Gem Mine, you may see your Trenta Power gauge to the appropriate; this can fill up as you defeat monsters.

After your Trenta Energy is at maximum, you can activate the Trenta (portal golem) within the center of your map.

A portal might be generated once you activate the Trenta, and also you can proceed to the boss by way of that portal.

After you enter the boss’ lair, Magic-Gem-poisoned Venti seems.
Remember to prevent recieving heavy harm by standing nearby Green Pilars when Venti cast “Poison Mist”.
Following defeating Venti, you might have completed the Warped Magic Gem Mine and will get a huge number of Magic Gems.

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