GGG Give Intriguing Harbinger League Statistics

You could have noticed that we’ve not had a few blog posts exactly where we have looked at the statistics behind Path Of Exile. We appreciate the guys at Grinding Gear Games and how open they are with Path Of Exile. Nicely, they have as soon as again crunched the numbers and have provided us some intriguing statistics regarding the Harbinger League and that may be what we want to speak about these days.

The idea of this stats is always to see how quite a few challenges Path Of Exile players have completed within the Harbinger League.

Harbinger Challenge Eyes: Challenge Eyes are earned for completing a minimum of 12 challenges. A rather impressive just beneath 30 percent of players taking component in the Harbinger League have stuck with it adequate to no less than complete 12 challenges.

Harbinger Challenge Crown: Players who total 24 challenges will earn the Challenge Crown. This is pretty a step up in the 12 challenges expected for the Challenge Eyes and because of this, there is quite a drop off right here with only 7.99 % of players finishing 24 challenges.

Harbinger Character Impact: Players who’ve truly put the time and work in and have completed 36 challenges can get the quite darn cool, Harbinger Character Effect. This lets individuals know you might be a boss and very few players actually earned this with only 1.34 percent of players attaining this

Sticking with all the Harbinger League and making it each of the solutions to beating 36 challenges is no quick feat so we salute those players who’ve completed it. We discover stuff like this very interesting and as you can see, even though not a lot of players have managed it, you can see that it is actually in fact doable. So hopefully it’s going to motivate you guys (and us) to stick it out and attempt even tougher.

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