Some individual suggestions for the legion auction house

In all the celebration more than the amazing productive launch of Legion, you may have missed a massive issue with all the game: The Auction Home

I’m not confident what is causing it, but considering that launch, on my large server (and others as well if social media might be trusted), the Auction Residence is now all but unusable for profession components (cloth, enchant mats, gems, ore, herbs, and leather). As an example on my server (Silvermoon EU), last time I checked Leyiron ore, there were approximately 60 pages of listings. The first 50ish of those pages have been full of single pieces of ore posted by a handful of people. So in the event you needed to get, say two stacks (400 items) you would should individually click “buy out”, then click around the “are you sure” button, then wait 10 sec for the server to do its factor, ahead of you basically obtain it and can go to number 2 of your 400 purchases.

To make it worse, together with the default AH UI, you may only sort by “bid price tag”, not by”buy-out cost”. So there is certainly really no method to know if you are buying the top deal without having scanning by means of these 60 pages, which would actually take longer than leveling an alt from 100 to 110. Let’s face it, the bid value is fundamentally useless, almost no one waits for an auction to end, they use the “buy out ” selection. I can count on one hand how several times I’ve bid on an item within the decade+ I’ve been playing. So why not also incorporate the capacity to sort by “buy-out price tag” (per unit)?

For this reason, just about nobody who is severe utilizes the default UI for auctions. But now those add-ons are essentially useless for the reason that the speed of the AH has deteriorated so dramatically with Legion (is this a DDOS challenge or is it since of that a single jerk posting 1000 auctions of a single item?). It should not take 30 min to find out what is the very best value for five ore, and acquire it. Ideal now, on my server, it takes that extended.

Speaking with the decade-plus I’ve been playing, I don’t recall a single update to the Auction Residence UI. It’s time. Now. Please don’t wait for 7.1, its broken now creating it nearly not possible to level professions without having a gatherer.

So, provided all that, I was attempting to think of some attainable options. Listed below are some ideas:

1) Redo the AH UI to ensure that it natively has each of the identical functionality as well-known add-ons such Auctionator (but hopefully a lot, much faster)

2) Limit the number of Auctions it is possible to have active at a time (possibly 20 or 30?). This would aid hold those idiots from posting 1000 stacks of 1. I seriously can’t assume of a genuine cause for anybody to post 1000 auctions in the similar item. It’s either griefing, wanting to overload the system, or simply wanting to hide lower priced auctions by sheer numbers and frustration.

3) Produce a “work order” method. The idea would be that a buyer could just pick an item and set a price at which they may be prepared to purchase it along with a quantity to purchase. So, for instance, I could say I would like to purchase 400 fellate at 50g each. This would let sellers acquire immediate gratification, and would permit buyers to not must devote hours looking for the most effective deal in the AH.

Anyway, I’m sure other men and women have other suggestions, but anything desires to be done and soon.

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