Soul Reverse Zero (JP): Sega’s Fantasy Mobile RPG Kicks Off Pre-registration

Sega has announced a new mobile fantasy RPG called Soul Reverse Zero for iOS and Android. Being developed by SEGA’s AM2, the game is slated for a November launch in Japan. An amazing opening trailer was released, featuring a theme song called “e of s”, which is a collaboration between composer Sawano Hiroyuki and singer Mizuki. The game will be free to play with in-game purchases.

Using turn-based combat system, this upcoming tittle looks much better than what we’re used to seeing from SEGA’s mobile games. With advanced 3D graphics, players can explore the fanyasy world with various heroes. Affected by the weather in real life, the scenes in the game will change accordingly. Apart from the the traditional RPG elements, players can except castle building system.

Players can play solo, controlling 5 heroes and a sub hero (other player) to defeat the enemy. Or players can choose to team up with another 2 players, each player can dispatch 2 heroes. Of course, each hero will have their unique soul arts.

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