Warmane Guide For The Black Morass

Positioned in the eastern part of Tanaris, the Caverns of Time (CoT) include many portals to unique important time periods and events in Warcraft history. The caverns act as a crossroads for a variety of timelines–through them, a single can travel back and forth along the ebb and flow of time. The Caverns of Time are dwelling for the Brood of Nozdormu and the Bronze Dragonflight. It is their sacred charge to guard the caverns against the intrusion of mortals, whose interference would assuredly disrupt the flow of time. Not too long ago, a mysterious force referred to as the Infinite Dragonflight has begun to meddle with time.

The Black Morassis among the time ways accessible within the Caverns of Time. In this wing, a group of players has to defend the last Guardian Medivh, within a swamp generally known as The Black Morass. The Guardian Medivh, possessed by Sargeras, attempts to open the Dark Portal to Draenor, even though wave upon wave of dragonkin of the Infinite Dragonflight attempt to defeat Medivh so as to alter time and halt the invasion of Azeroth from Draenor.

Chrono Lord Deja

Chrono Lord Deja will be the first boss with the Caverns of Time: The Black Morass encounter. He spawns upon the opening of the sixth portal. He’s a dragon of your Infinite Dragonflight.
This NPC is often located within the Black Morass.Temporus

Tempore will be the second boss in the Caverns of Time: The Black Morass encounter. He is a drake in the Infinite Dragonflight that spawns upon the opening from the 12th portal.
This NPC could be discovered in the Black Morass.Aeonus

Aeonus is a dragon of your Infinite Dragonflight, along with the final boss of Caverns of Time: The Black Morass. He spawns from the 18th and final portal.
This NPC maybe discovered inside the Black Morass.

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